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Compound Organic NPK Humic Acid Fertilizer Manufacture (10-5-10)

Model Number (10-5-10)
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features

Product description:
Appearance: Dark brown granular/pellet
Organic Matter: 50% min
Total Amino acid: 10% min
Organic nitrogen:2% min
Trace elements: 2% min
Xylon: 20% min
Bio HA & Bio FA: 10% min
Total Vitamin: 0.2% min

Product Efficacy:
1. Natural extracts, nutrition, quick, direct absorption.
This product comes from the natural plant, dip in the crops in various trace elements, more add a lot of element such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, nutrient ratio of comprehensive, reasonable, good water solubility, quick, direct absorption, improve soil structure, decrease soil harden and return green crops quality, achieve high quality and high yield.
2. Unique chelation process, increase production.
This product unique chemical technology is adopted to improve the chelate, form easy absorption of crops, the function of the total water soluble, chelating group, has the characteristics of green environmental protection, increase production effect is remarkable, which can effectively prevent the antagonism between trace elements.
3. Long-acting slow-release function, improve the utilization rate of absorption.
This product can delay fulvic acid hydrolysis nitrogen, improve soil ammonium concentration; activation of phosphorus in the soil, so that it remains longer valid. reducing leaching of potassium loss, slow increase potassium release. Long-acting release function fulvic acid, so that a variety of effective nutrient absorption and utilization is greatly improved.
4. The art of resistance, improve the quality.
This product of fulvic acid can promote crop growth, increase crop disease resistance, the prevention and control of crop diseases have a very good role. Another fulvic acid itself contains special disease resistance, can have the effect of crop potions, effectively reduce disease occurs, reduce pesticide use, improve the quality of agricultural products.

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