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Slow Release Organic Fertilizer Humic Acid Granular

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Amino acid chelated zinc is designed for all plants to prevent or correct zinc deficiency that may limit crop growth and yields. It is water soluble and nontoxic to plants, can provide plants with certain nutrients. This product is based on multi kinds of amino acids which has strong surface activity, adsorbing and holding capacity. Also with abundant zinc, it has obvious effect for plant growth. This product can ensure the slow-release and adequateutilization of its main elements. In addition, it can keep stability and long-lasting effect of zinc.  


NPK fertilizer is primarily composed of three main elements: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K), each of these being essential in plant nutrition. Among other benefits, Nitrogen helps plants grow quickly, while alsoincreasing the production of seed and fruit, and bettering the quality of leaf and forage crops. Nitrogen is also a component of chlorophyll, the substance that gives plants their green color, and also aids in photosynthesis.Phosphorus, also a key player in the photosynthesis process, plays a vital role in a variety of the things needed by plants. Phosphorus supports the formation of oils, sugars, and starches. The transformation of solar energy into chemical energy is also aided by phosphorus, as well as is development of the plant, and the ability to withstand stress. Additionally, phosphorus encourages the growth of roots, and promotes blooming.Potassium, the third essential nutrient plants demand, assists in photosynthesis, fruit quality, the building of protein, and the reduction of disease.

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